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We Develop & Create Casual Game

Generally, a Casual Game can be played on a computer desktop or laptop though there are some games in this category which may apply to mobile device use as well. Interestingly, Wikipedia states that up to 74% of people who enjoy Casual Gameplay are women - this could be because males tend to take video game play more seriously or competitively. If you are thinking of going into Casual Game development, you might consider hiring SynetecHQ to assist you in your project. SynetecHQ to assist you in your project.
One of the earmarks of Casual Game development is that the game does not have to be very complicated - actually the simpler it is the more it may appeal to the female demographic. Because many Casual Game fans also belong to the older generation, it is not surprising that they favour the simpler games. After all, these types of game players may be very involved in their family and careers and not really have the motivation, time or energy to pursue games with multiple levels of difficulty. (This may explain the popularity of a relatively simple game like Angry Birds). If you do want to do Casual Game development you need to come up with a simpler game that will still be visually appealing and pleasant to use.

We Develop & Create Casual Game

The main difference between a Casual Game and a "hardcore" game is that a player does not have to adhere to any strict rules governing play in a Casual Game. A "hardcore" game player, on the other hand, could be obsessed with reaching higher and higher scores or levels of difficulty in even one game that he follows. You may consider that a Casual Game player is less stressed out - indeed, so "casual" that he can be said to be a "laid-back" player.

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